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Zhongxiao Night Market

Zhongxiao Night Market originated during the Japanese Colonial Period and was mainly located on the section of Zhongxiao Rd. between Taichung Rd. and Guoguang Rd., which is also where the Tripodking International Group famous for its spicy hotpot originated from. Unlike Yizhong Street Night Market, Fengjia Night Market, and Dong Hai Bie Shu Night Market, which are mixed with shopping districts, Zhongxiao Night Market is famous for its delicious food provided by countess snack stalls and restaurants. Famous snacks include rice tube pudding, fried chicken, Zhongxiao Barbecue, Zhongxiao tofu pudding, steak, thin noodles, stinky tofu, omelet rice, pork chop rice, and sugarcane juice.

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